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  • 11th European Film Festival "Integration You and Me" will be held between 2nd and 6th September 2014. We will pay attention to the therapeutic role that cinematography may play. The main point of the programme will be a contest for the best films concerning the issue of disability. The films will be evaluated in three categories: feature films, documentaries and amateur films. The best film of the festival will be chosen by our audience. The film...

Festival's Idea

European Film Festival Integration You and Me is the biggest Polish and one of a few European film events devoted to the disabled. The main aim of the Festival is to present films about the disabled as well as integrating them with the society.

Each autumn in Koszalin there are presented feature films, documentaries and amateur films showing the problems of the disabled in different countries and cultures. The winners of the Festival so far have been, for example, the authors of the following films “Linesman”, “Towards sea” or “Life hidden behind words”. During eight editions of the Festival viewers have had an opportunity to watch about 300 films from all over the world.

For beginning film makers, the Festival is a great opportunity to learn from famous specialists. Some of the guests and jurors of the Festival have been, for example Philippe Lornac – Canal + programme director, juror of Cannes and Saint Tropez film festivals, Rasim Iliasowicz Dargiach-zade – the president of the Film Makers Organization Guild, the president of the Film Rental and Film Broadcast from Russia...

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