European Film Festival


  • We are honoured and pleased to inform, that the European Film Festival Integration You and Me, for the fourth time, will be present in the European Parliament in Brussels. Most sincere thanks for the invitation!
  • During the eleventh meeting of Integration Film Academy this year the students of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 4 in Koszalin, the clients of 'Przyszłość' and 'Odrodzenie' Centres for People with Special Needs in Koszalin and the participants of Occupational Therapy Workshops no 1 in Koszalin came to the screening of 'The Secret Garden' by Agnieszka Holland.
  • During this year's tenth meeting of Integration Film Academy the viewers came to watch Dziewczyna z szafy /The Girl From The Wardrobe/ (by Bodo Kox). The film was presented with audio description.

Festival's Idea




European Film Festival Integration You and Me will take place for the 13th time this year. For more than a decade this event has paved the way for the topic of disability in the media, culture and social space – not only in Koszalin, but also around Poland and Europe. The Festival has also been an inspiration for several dozen organizations and foundations organizing Small Festivals You and Me in over 30 places around Poland. We have been three times in the European Parliament and in London, in 2015 we've also visited Italy, Spain, Croatia and Lithuania.

We have a devout audience and friends in Poland and abroad. We cooperate with foundations, associations, organizations working for the integration of the disabled. We integrate through art – mainly films, however in the Festival’s program we incorporate also music, theatre, photography, visual arts and lately performance and happening. We present the disabled artists, their achievements, successes and talents.

Life of the Festival


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Integration You and Me in Poland and in Europe


In 2016 EFF Integration You and Me was visiting 45 places in Poland. In 15 cinemas () we show chosen Festival’s films. Small Festivals You and Me are being held in 30 places around Poland, present the idea of the Festival (). Heart of the festivall beats in Koszalin (), the home town of the European Film Festival Integration You and Me.