18th European Film Festival
7th - 11th September 2021.


  • 4th September 2021
    We would like to present the jury of 18th European Film Festival Integration You and Me. Members of jury will watch and judge 33 movies, including 14 documentaries, 12 feature films and 7 amateur feature films.
  •   One of the events which will take place during 18. European Film Festival „Integration You and Me” is an academic conference „Culture and disability. Reception – Involvement – Therapy”.  
  •   During this year's festival you will not only get the chance to watch movies about people with disabilities but also to see the works of extraordinary artists who prove that nothing can stand in the way of their dreams.  

Festival's Idea




European Film Festival Integration You and Me has connected the topic of disability with film art for 16 years and has proven that life can begin several times. We have learnt this from the Festival’s guests, people with disabilities - artists, sports people, travellers, journalists, designers. The Festival is an artistic enterprise but it also has a great social meaning as it triggers discussions concerning the environment of people with disabilities and the process of integration. We are the Festival of open heads, sensitive hearts and positive energy.

From 2003 to 2019 we showed almost 700 films - important, wise, brave ones and took our audience on a trip around the world. The Butterfly awards in the film contest were given to e.g.: ‘The Sea Inside’ by Alejandro Amenábar, ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ by Julian Schnabel, ‘Intouchables’ by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano,’The Girl from the Wardrobe’ by Bodo Kox, ‘Life Feels Good’ by Maciej Pieprzyca and ‘Our Curse’ by Tomasz Śliwiński. Every year in Koszalin we host actors, directors, screenwriters, film critics, lecturers, people associated with culture and the media.

Life of the Festival


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Integration You and Me in Poland and in Europe


In 2021 EFF Integration You and Me visits 54 places in Poland. In 16 cinemas () we show chosen Festival’s films. Small Festivals You and Me are held in 37 places around Poland, presenting the idea of the Festival (). Heart of the festivall beats in Koszalin (), the home town of the European Film Festival Integration You and Me.